Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vatican orders nuns to spend less time on SOCIAL MEDIA and more time in contemplation,

  • Catholic Church's 38,000 nuns told tweeting too much intrudes on life of prayer
  • Vatican document issued in 2016 offers guidelines on daily life in monasteries
  • It says that nuns should use social media accounts with 'sobriety and discretion'

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My Response: 
1) Really, how about the Vatican thanking the nuns for the hours of prayer they engage in before offering patronizing advice about their use of social media to reach out to the hurting and those seeking their help.
2) Social media is a great way for the nuns to connect with people who are asking for their prayers. It provides a global outreach for both nuns and spiritual seekers. 
3). Many people would be well-advised to decrease social media use and increase contemplation --- not just contemplative nuns!
4) How about advising some world leaders to do this? Seriously, many of us could benefit from more prayer and less tweeting and social media including myself! It is tough to know how much is enough, but moderation is wise! 
Bridget Mary Meehan #womenpriestsnow

1 comment:

Holy City Virgin said...


These suggestions just make me suspicious of what they don't want said.

Most nuns are not likely to be excessive on social media anyway.

This is a good suggestion for everybody.