Monday, May 21, 2018

Healing Service for Geri Rausch in Ft. Myers, Dotty Shugrue ARCWP



In Norse mythology Geri, is one of the wolves who  accompanies the god Odin, the supreme god and creator, the god of victory.
Reflection from “Women who Run with Wolves”

Beloved  Holy  One,  along  this  journey  of  healing  may  your  loving  compassion break through  the  darkness  and  shine  through  onto  the  road  that  lies  ahead.  

Thank  you  for  the  gift  of  sight  planted  deep  within  our  hearts  so  that  we  may  see  in  others  the  comfort  you  send  each  of  us  along  our  journeys  of healing.  
Thank  you  for  protecting  each  of  us  from  the  destruction  of  our  brokenness.  Through  your  grace  and  mercy,  grant  us  wisdom  to  persevere.

PRESIDER:    We  gather  together  embracing  the  healing  presence  of God.   And we celebrate God with us    

READER:    We  gather  together  in  service  to  one  another  as  Jesus
serves.  And we walk together on our journey of life. 

PRESIDER:    We  come  with  our  faith  and  with  our  doubts.

READER:  We  come  with  our  hopes  and  with  our  fears.
PRESIDER:   We  come  as  we  are  because  it  is  God  inviting  us  to  come.

READER:  And God has promised never to turn away.   


Healing the woman with an issue of blood is one of the miracles of Jesus as told to us in three of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke. In this passage Mark gives a fuller account of this particular miracle.  Actually, Mark is the Gospel writer who tells us the most about the miracles  that happened to the people who believed in Jesus.


READER:  A reading from the Gospel as told to us by the apostle Mark  
(Mark 5:25–34)


PRESIDER: Geri, please come forward 

Geri, open your hands and receive this Holy Water.   This water poured on your hands holds the Spirit of Life as it cleanses your whole body both within and without.  Let us now wash our hands uniting ourselves with Geri on this new journey before her.


The oil used in this service is the Holy Chrism  used in the reception of sacraments.
Geri, you were anointed in Baptism .  May this Holy Chrism remind you again, you are a daughter of God, an original blessing so greatly loved by all here present.

PRESIDER:   Geri, receive this sacred oil that blesses your hands that  as you reach to heal others you too may be healed.

PRESIDER:  Geri receive this small stone representing the solid foundation of your faith. 

May the solid foundation of your faith in God sustain you.
May the Light of  Christ  shine  in  you  strengthening you, 
May  the Spirit of Life heal you,
And may the healing grace of God continue to be shared with you through your family and friends who stand here with you today


Individuals are invited to share prayers of faith and support for Geri



Loving Jesus, we give you thanks for your continual healing of mind, body and spirit.  We give you praise for the hands of Jesus, our brother, whose power continues to heal us.  And we give you thanks as we go forth and become the compassionate hands of healing for one another.

In  mercy  and  in  love  may  we  go  forth  to  receive  and  become
the  healing  hands  of  the Cosmic Christ  as we journey this path with Gerri in faith.

SONG;  “Peace”  sung by Jan Phillips

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