Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Letters to Pope Benedict in support of Roman Catholic Womenpriests

Dear Holy Father,
Do you like and respect women? Do you think women are essential in the Roman Catholic church? If so, why are you ex-communicating women who seek to be ordained priests and bishops? I am sure you can quote canon law to support your edicts but our lives are not lived by canon law. Women have as many gifts and callings as men do, we are truly equal in everyone's eyes except the Roman Catholic church..
The pedophilia scandal rocked the church, it has still not recovered. Male priests who committed criminal as well as immoral horrific acts against children are priests, some in good standing with the Roman church.. Bishops who had full knowledge of these abuses, some fatal abuses were not sanctioned but given positions in the Vatican. The District Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for one, would like to spit on these men.
What am I to tell my daughters and granddaughters, my sons? My youngest son and his wife and three children became Lutherans because of the scandalous behavior of male priests. My son loved his church, loved the sacraments, a good catholic. You are losing people like him. He is also a fervent believer in woman priests. He feels safe in the Lutheran church, his wife accepted as a full member.
The Korean War generation is the last generation that will blindly follow pronouncements that are handed down from the Vatican officials. That's it! Once they are gone, the doors may close and be sealed. I know you don't believe that but I assure you, that is what will come of the Roman Catholic church unless they become Christlike and accept the gifts of women as full participants.
Many evenings when I enter slumber, I make an examination of conscience and ask for forgiveness for what I have done and what I have failed to do. I wonder if I have offended anyone, slighted anyone and ask for grace and forgiveness.
You are making a grave mistake by ex-communicating these brave women.
With hope and shalom,
Roseanne Harkin
Atlantic Beach, Florida

Holy Father,One of the most transformative and inevitable social movements of our lifetime is the full recognition and affirmation of women: first as human beings, second as true images reflecting God's very Being, and finally as persons graced by Christ to make His Kingdom a living and life-giving reality. There is a growing realization among the faithful that the Roman Catholic Womenpriest Movement is such a transformative and inevitable movement and indeed may very well be a special gift of the Holy Spirit to our Church in these times.When the social, moral and financial forces of the world broke apartheid in South Africa, Bishop Desmond Tutu was asked how he felt about voting for the first time in his life. "It is for me very personal....I am a full person." A person who cannot act fully is not a full person. He followed his conscience and with courage and grace liberated his people and changed much of the world; such is what the Church is asking of these women.Christ gave us the perfect example of dealing with women. Against the customs of His time, He welcomed them, even outcast sinners, into His Kingdom; how much more would He have honored courageous women who would not only risk but give their very lives by challenging those limiting societal custom of His day with the liberating spiritual ones of the Kingdom. The Roman Catholic Womenpriests are co convinced of their priestly calling and their responsibility to follow their conscience that they are willing to suffer the ecclesiastic version of abortion, excommunication. Holy Father, is there so much love and commitment in the world that we can afford, as a Church, to be contemptuous of some portion of it6?It is, of course, the responsibility of the whole Church, the magisterium included, to discern the direction of the Holy Spirit in the present and coming of the Kingdom. In some parts of the world the faithful have already given their approval of this issue, and there has always been the universal recognition that "the harvest is great, but the laborers are few." It is the sacred duty of the whole Church and especially the magisterium to see that Christ's threefold command to Peter, "Feed my Sheep" be acknowledged and carried out for the love of Christ and His people; to do otherwise would indeed be a grave betrayal. Let us pray, then, that in at least some areas of great need the Spirit will lead us to decide how these faithful women can realize their vocation as priests, be made full persons, and let His Kingdom come.
Your brother in Christ,
William J. Weiskopf

I am writing to express my dismay at your recent action to excommunicate the women who have been ordained as priests and the bishops who have ordained them. I have spent many years struggling with my faith as a Catholic because of its dmarginalization of women as "less than." For me, "less than' has become the best way I can identify the feeling the Church has given me by defining me by my anatomy, while saying man are created in the image of God. When convenient, "man" is defined as all humans; but when misogyny raises its head, "man" becomes males and women become something less than the "image of God." i believe we are all created in the "image of God' and as such shold be eligible, if called by God, to receive the sacraments of holy orders. We are a sacramental church; we should recognize that each of us should be eligilbe to receive any of those sacraments. Therefore, I wish to express to you my support for the Roman Catholic women priests. Jesus treated women as disciples and equals. For 1000 years of its history, the church ordained women. So RCWP is reclaiming our sacred tradition.In 1976, The Vatican's own scholars,The Pontifical Biblical Commission concluded that there is no reason to prohibit women's ordination. The needs of the church are great. We need gender balance in the priesthood to heal the church and transform it to live according to Jesus' example. He chose Mary of Magdala according to all four Gospels to the first witness of the resurrection, so women should be partners and equals in the church. Why are pedophiles and bishops who cover up this grave scandal and criminal behavior members in good standing and women priests are excommunicated? I actually do not understand how Cardinal Law can continue to be allowed to serve when good women and men are being excommunicated for trying to bring women into full communion withthe Body of Christ. They are following in footsteps of Joan of Arc who followed her conscience and was later canonized by the church!!!

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