Sunday, August 16, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests: Mary Mother of Jesus Catholic Community/N.VA. Celebration of Mary's Feast: Aug. 15th Assumption

On Sat. Aug. 15th, Mary Mother of Jesus Catholic Community celebrated an inclusive, joyful liturgy in honor of the the Blessed Mother on the feast of the Assumption in Falls Church, VA. Peg Bowen, assisted by her husband Bob and friend Donna Mogan designed the environment with beautiful plants, table cloths from her wedding day reception, "a holy water well", the placement of the pastoral staff within the community setting to symbolize the shared pastoral responsibility for fostering community and caring for one another. Peg and Donna presented the gifts. recited the offertory prayers.
Andrea Johnson, bishop of the Eastern Region of RCWP and I (Bridget Mary Meehan), bishop of the Southern Region of RCWP co-presided. The community shared insights and stories about Mary's role in their spiritual journey in a dialogue homily. Several people said that they think RCWP is a prophetic movement in the Roman Catholic Church for which they are deeply grateful . After communion, each person took a small bottle of holy water that came from our "holy well" that I brought back from a holy well in Ireland.
On Aug. 15th, in Ireland thousands of people visit holy wells and fill containers with water for use during the year. In County Laois, where I was born, a large crowd gathers at Lady Well at Ballinkill for a festive celebration. The Ballyroan band plays the music. My Dad who was a member of this band, played the Lourdes hymn, Amazing Grace, When the saints go marching in on the trumpet for our celebration in Falls Church. The community continued the festivities until after dark.

You tube movie clips of Mary, Mother of Jesus Catholic Community/Falls Church liturgy on Aug. 15, 2009:

Clip of Presentation of Gifts by Donna Mogan and Peg Bowen and Eucharistic Prayer:
Clip of Presenation of Gifts, setting banquet table, Eucharistic Prayer:

Responsorial Psalm read by Julie Taylor

Gospel read by Bishop Andrea Johnson:

Clip from homily of Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan

Holy Well Ritual

Recessional Hymn: Jack Meehan plays Amazing Grace

Blessing of trees with water from holy wells in Ireland led by Peg Bowen

Bridget Mary Meehan

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Peter said...

Just wanted to post my poem about woman priests

God has created us,
all in his image,
woman and man
in his image,
thus deigned
we may all be
ordained as priests.
Of course,
Catholic woman
must first have a
sex change operation.
Hmm, maybe God
in his wisdom,
when the time is ripe,
will handle it as He did
Peter E. Abresch
June 8, 2009

This is from a series of my spiritual poems called Burnt Offering that I put out on Mondays. All are welcome to email me at with subscribe Burnt Offerings. It free. Hope you enjoyed this one.