Monday, October 26, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests : First Roman Catholic Woman Ordained in U.K- by Roman Catholic Womenpriests Movement- Historic and Ecumenical

Rev. Louise Mc Clements(in black robes on) an ordained minister from the local area gave testimony to readiness of Morag Liebert for ordination.
Frances Forshaw, an Episcopalian priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church, (on left) Morag Liebert, the first woman to be ordained in UK/Scotland is in the center.
Bridget Mary Meehan is standing next to Rev. Louise.)

On my recent visit to Edinburgh to ordain Morag Liebert, (the first woman in Scotland, indeed in the UK to be ordained by the Roman Catholic Womenpriests Movement) I met Roman Catholics and Anglicans who expressed grave concern about Pope Benedict's decision to welcome Anglican Traditionalists into the Roman Catholic Church.

This historic ordination of Morag Liebert as a Roman Catholic Womenpriest was a great witness to the ecumenical solidarity of women across the denominational lines and a prophetic testimony to the Gospel call for justice and equality that we share as people of faith.
Instead of rejecting women priests and women bishops, the Roman Catholic Church should be ending its patriarchal practice of discrimination against women. Jesus treated women and men as equals, so should all the Christian churches, including the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Womenpriests Movement welcomes all God's people equally to ministerial leadership. So should the Pope.


Contemplative Catholic said...

Congratulations ! As I have recently written on our website groups like yourselves are "a prophetic sign in this country, and indeed the world, of how the church of Christ could be. Change has to be created by people generous enough to pursue the vision of an inclusive ‘catholic’ church. If prophetic individuals and groups can show how the Church of God could be then maybe this will bring about a real vision of hope." With so much hope for the future . . .

writemaggie said...

I have only just discovered that we have a real live women as a Catholic priest in the United Kingdom. I am so thrilled and hope one day to join you Morag here on the margins. Yours Maggie