Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roman Catholic Womenpriests: "Pope summons all bishops to meeting on church scandal' by John Cooney in Irish Independent

Pope summons all bishops to meeting on church scandal - National News, Frontpage - Independent. ie

Pope summons all bishops to meeting on church scandal
By John Cooney
Wednesday January 20 2010
"Bishops of all 26 dioceses in Ireland have been summoned to Rome next month by Pope Benedict for an unprecedented emergency meeting on the child clerical abuse scandals.
An index of the urgency surrounding the Rome venue is that the heads of the major Vatican Congregations will take part in the talks in a desperate bid to address the anger and shock felt by Catholics since the publication of the Ryan and Murphy reports."
"Sources said Pope Benedict's letter would not, however, contain a detailed blueprint for the reorganisation of the Irish church, such as the holding of a national synod or assembly of bishops, priests and laity. "
- John Cooney
Irish Independent
Bridget Mary's Response:
While the Pope may hope that summoning the Irish bishops to Rome in response to the church scandal, will be a "shock and awe" approach to calm the Irish rebellion, I doubt it. As my Irish cousins say the Pope should "sack" the bishops, who were involved in the cover-up. I suggest that Pope Benedict invite survivors of abuse to Rome and listen to their pain. Perhaps, they could help him craft a worldwide pastoral letter of repentance. Next, the Vatican could learn a lot from Ireland's grandmothers. My relatives tell me that some are so angry that they are not attending Mass anymore. These women were weekly, some even daily Mass-goers. My opinion is that Ireland should return to its earlier tradition of a married priesthood and women in priestly ministry. Think Bishop St. Brigit who along with Bishop Conleth administered a double monastery in Kildare and St. Ita of Killeedy, who heard her nuns confessions.