Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review of James Carroll's book- Practicing Catholic- by Bishop Tom Gumbleton

James Carroll, Practicing Catholic. review by Bishop Tom Gumbleton, published by the NCR on Apr. 24, 2009.
"Reform is coming not from the collapsing clerical establishment but from the people. We maintain our loyalty to the church because we cannot live without it. The church gives a language to speak of God, a meaning that is God. The church feeds us in the Eucharist, keeps the story of Jesus alive in the preaching of the Word, marks our journey through life with the sacraments, and underwrites our participation in the community that transcends space and time."
As "practicing Catholics" all of us can rejoice in the great vision of Pope John XXIII with which Carroll concludes his story:
"Today ... Providence is guiding us toward a new order of human relations, which thanks to efforts far surpassing human hopes, will bring us to the realization of higher and undreamed of experiences."
Thomas Gumbleton is a retired auxiliary bishop of the Detroit archdiocese.

Excellent review, Bishop Gumbleton!
Roman Catholic Womenpriests are gifting the church with a renewed, vibrant, empowered "people of God"model rooted in Vatican 11. We are living this vision in grassroots communities. The reform is now a reality. Come and see! Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

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