Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Church Leaders Are Spinning Their Wheels"/Article by Sr. Maureen Paul Turlish/National Catholic Reporter

Church leaders are spinning their wheels
by Maureen Paul Turlish on May. 04, 2010 -NCR Online
The institutional Roman Catholic church can attack every newspaper in every country in the world but that will not change the fact that as an institution it has participated in an extremely well documented, egregious pattern of enabling and covering up for the sexual abuse of thousands of innocent children the world over during almost an entire century.

"What are the systemic and endemic flaws in church structure and governance that gave rise to the continuing crisis of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic church? ...

..."And is it really necessary for bishops to call down God's wrath on another newspaper when what they should be doing is "besieging" their fellow hierarchs to initiate the reform and renewal that is so necessary?"

"Have they learned so little in eight years?"

[Maureen Paul Turlish, a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, is a victims' advocate and writes from New Castle, Del.]

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