Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fr. Roy Bourgeois's National Tour Reaches Iowa/Mary Kay Kusner, Candidate for Ordination as a Roman Catholic Womanpriest Shares Inspirational Journey

Roman Catholic Womenpriests and deacons
from Midwest Region, Mary Kay Kusner, second
from left

Fr.Roy at Janice Sevre-Dusynska's ordination
in Lexington, Kentucky
Special thanks to Rodger Routh - Iowa Peace and Justice
for the following inspirational videos of Fr. Roy and future Roman Catholic Womanpriest, Mary Kay Kusner.
Fr. Roy Bourgeois M.M. , under threat of excommunications by theVatican, spoke about the need for justice in the Catholic Church, andthat the time is now to allow the ordination of women as priests.Bourgeois, founder of SAO Watch, is on a speaking tour tospread the message in support of woman's ordination and updating thecause of closing the School of the Americas.
2 videos of Fr. Roy's talk
Also, speaking was Mary Kay Kusner, a candidate for ordination set to take place this spring in Iowa City. Mary shares her journey to ordination in this video. Both Kusner and Bourgouis spoke to a standing room only crowd at the Ames library.
We are so blessed to have Fr. Roy Bourgeois and Mary Kay Kusner who give powerful testimonies as prophets in our midst. They share their love for the Catholic Church , the people of God, and the share their desire to renew our church in the spirit of Jesus who called women and men as equals to witness to the liberating message of empowerment of Gospel equality. Fr. Roy and Mary Kay open their hearts and share their journeys as they call all of us to reclaim justice for women in our church. May you be blessed as, I was.
Watch their riveting testimonials as a clarion call of reform for the Roman Catholic Church. Share it with your family, friends and communities. As we celebrate Pentecost, the Holy Spirit's gifts are once again among us in the people of God, gifting the church, the Body of Christ, with renewed hope and joy! Roman Catholic Womenpriests are here to serve Catholic communities now in an inclusive, accountable, people-empowered, non-hierarchical church of love, compassion and justice for all . Join us
Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

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