Thursday, January 20, 2011

Judge Anne Burke Challenges Hierarchy to be Truth Tellers in Global Sex Abuse Scandal

Justice Anne M. Burke , Supreme Court Justice, State of Illinois ,was the second president of the National Review Board appointed by the US bishops. The following is a guest blog by Judge Burke published in from Father Lasch's Blog:

"Instead of ejecting women from the sanctuary, silencing discussion among the baptized, or blurring the lines between the earthly Vatican City-State and the Body of Christ, let’s tell the truth. Let’s focus on not fibbing for the sake of the Kingdom of God and not lying for the sake of the One who died and now is Risen. Let’s leave the clerical theocracy behind and trade it for the Kingdom of God; let the grace of our sacramental life carry us further than we can see. A good dose of dignity and truth would do us all good. "

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