Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maryknoll Should Follow Example of Benedictines Who Stood Up to Vatican

Maryknoll should follow example of Benedictines Who Stood Up to Vatican In 2001. The Vatican put pressure on the Benedictines to block Sr. Joan Chittister from speaking at a Women's Ordination Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The Benedictine Superior Sr. Christine Vladimiroff stated that obedience encompassed listening to the Spirit and consensus. Now is the time for Fr. Dougherty to resist the Vatican 's oppressive tactics that would result in the dismissal of a prophetic Maryknoll priest, Fr. Roy Bourgeois from the Order, and deal a major blow to Maryknoll's credibility as a order that promotes justice. Let Maryknoll know that their actions contradict their mission of promoting liberation and justice for all especially the poor and the marginalized. Women are marginalized in the Catholic Church. Fr. Roy is a prophet who has called the church to major reform on gender equality and specifically for women's ordination. The good news is that women priests are now a reality and we are living Gospel equality in grassroots communities in the U.S. , Canada, Europe and now Latin America. The worldwide movement for justice and equality is the voice of God in our time. If you wish to stand up for justice for women in the church and express your support for Fr. Roy, call Maryknoll at 914-941-7590 to voice your concerns. Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

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