Saturday, January 21, 2012

More than 200 People Attend Ordination of Judy Beaumont as a Roman Catholic Woman Priest/ News Stories



More than 200 People Attend fort Myers Woman's Ordination as Roman Catholic Priest

Fort Myers woman to be ordained Catholic priest; church leaders warn of consequences to her 'immortal soul' By STEPHANIE BORDEN /Naples Daily News

..."But Beaumont said she rejects any excommunication."I will still consider myself a faithful Catholic," she said. "We are not leaving the church. We are creating a new model of the church."Beaumont replied to Dewane in a late-December letter."I understand that you are fulfilling your obligation as Bishop and I take your words seriously," she wrote. "However, I must reply that as I have tried throughout my life to answer the call of the Gospel to serve God's people, I must again answer this new call to sacramental ministry with the poor and otherwise marginalized people in our midst."
"Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan, who will preside over Beaumont's ordination, says she considers several letters of excommunication she received following her own ordination "as badges of honor.""The church has a habit of excommunicating holy women and men, such as burning Joan of Arc at the stake," she said. "Pope Benedict himself has canonized two previously ex-communicated nuns — Mother Theodore Guerin and Mary MacKillop — making excommunication a new fast-track to canonization. Meehan said she has the apostolic succession required by the Roman Catholic Church to ordain Beaumont as a priest because she herself was ordained by Bishop Patricia Fresen in 2009, who was ordained by a male bishop in communion with the Pope."Social justice, a love of the Church, the Church liturgy, and the holy people of the Church," Beaumont said. "Those were the values instilled in me as a child."
"local woman trying to bring change to the Catholic church has been automatically expelled after taking on a role only held by men. Judy Beaumont spent 74 devoting her life to Catholicism. But now, the former nun is challenging the church. "This ordination means I will become a Roman Catholic priest," she says.
Beaumont's ordination means she is automatically expelled from the church. "We reject that excommunication. We are loyal, faithful members of the church," she says. "


Anonymous said...

"This ordination means I will become a Roman Catholic priest"

Not in my eyes, the Church's eyes, and most importantly, in God's eyes.

dtedac said...

Your eyes do not see so well, I am afraid. In such a state, I don't think you ought to presume what God sees, either.

Anonymous said...

The Church proclaims the life of the resurrection. It was first witnessed by women of courage, not by self-perpetuating institutional impostors. That such courage lives on is good news indeed. The Risen Lord must be well pleased, Bishop Frank notwithstanding.