Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Report from Olga Lucia Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP, from Colombia, South America:"This time from Cali, with Naomi and Ruth".

"I come from Cali. I like to travel by bus, because I can, enjoy the beautiful scenery of my country. I love going through the Rio Magdalena, rice fields Tolima Valley the cane fields, smell the guava, when traveling on the Santanders, and enjoy the aroma of coffee, Caldas and Quindio ...
I felt that I sympathized with Mother Earth, I saw screaming dying of thirst, and with her children / as. The land, trees and cane fields sad and embraced by the summer heat.
Listen to the stories of Rosita, Rosalba, Amparo, Trinidad, Carmen ... wanted to see them, and we had seen on another occasion, and I think I will continue watching, whenever you can. How is it that my sisters and friends could get along without water, to meet their grandchildren / as and get some food?. How have now, a little water only once a day?.
How in the neighborhood above, have to stand in long queues at 2 in the morning, to give them a little water to bring the houses?.
They got some water, thanks to protests and solidarity obtained, despite conflicting news media. (Photo)
It was a joy to share with these women. In the midst of suffering and tensions that are experienced, hope and dreams, make us smile.
We discuss the lessons from our women in the Bible as Ruth, his solidarity with Naomi, but beyond this we discovered that these women are "transgressive" of laws that are not met and if they are in favor of widows ... We saw them (Naomi and Ruth) are mutually complicit and involve the man to make part of this fraternal complicity, they do in hiding, because everything came to light, was approved by the community that are meeting in the outskirts of town, without legal or institutional intermediaries.
It is the Word of the Godhead, who gives us life, strength, enthusiasm and zest for life!"

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