Sunday, November 11, 2012

Patricia Fresen, RCWP, Gives Keynote at Call to Action- Calls for New Model of Ministry/Priestly Service in Inclusive Church/Nov. 22,2012/Louisville,KY.

Dr. Patricia Fresen Addresses Call to Action Conference on Nov. 11, 2012

On Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, Bishop Patricia Fresen called for prophetic obedience to the Spirit in shaping a renewed church that is inclusive and welcoming to all at the national Call to Action Conference in Louisville, KY. She presented RCWP/ARCWP as an example of the a different model of priestly ministry rooted in Jesus' example of "foot washing, healing, table fellowship and seeing to it that people are fed. "
Characteristics of RCWP/ARCWP:
1. Mutual service leadership
2. non-hierarchical (sharp division with laity are blurred)
3.Main issue not ordination but ministry within community. We serve in communities where as the baptized , all the baptized are "Personae Christi."  
4. our communities organize themselves, ministries are shared
5. Non-diocesan, organized by regions, leadership elected
6. bishop has pastoral, spiritual role that includes ordination
7. Most are married, gay/lesbians - no celibacy or obedience promises
8. Inclusive in language membership, open table  where all are welcome
9. Justice- oriented- "do something against system to bring systemic change.".

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