Monday, December 24, 2012

"Edgewood College Employees' Statement Backs Pair Banned by Diocese"/ Bishop Morlino , Remember, that all people belong to God's family and God is not Catholic!

..."The two women, along with two others, Beth O'Brien and Sister Lynn Lisbeth, are connected to Wisdom's Well, an interfaith spirituality center in Madison. All four women ran afoul of Morlino for allegedly straying too far from Catholic doctrine.
In a Nov. 27 memo to priests leaked to the State Journal, Morlino told priests the four women are not to be allowed to preach, lead prayers, hold workshops or provide spiritual guidance of any kind on parish property in the 11-county Madison Diocese.

The memo does not cite any examples of things the women may have said that contradict Catholic doctrine. Rather, it says "grave concern exists" with regard to the "teachings and animating spirit of the center." Namely, that its members "may espouse certain views flowing" from movements such as "New Ageism" and "indifferentism."

Indifferentism is defined in an addendum to the memo as "the belief that no one religion or philosophy is superior to another." In the Catholic Church, indifferentism is heresy, first condemned by Pope Gregory XVI in the 1800s.

The memo says the grave concerns "are evidenced mainly from (Wisdom's Well's) website." It quotes numerous passages on the website that concern the diocese, including an invitation to women "who wish to create a community for exploring and practicing the wisdom and compassion of the divine feminine."

Morlino's memo posted online

The diocese initially declined to comment on the issue, saying the confidential memo was intended to remain that way "to respectfully protect the reputations of all those involved."

After the State Journal published an article on the memo two weeks ago, the diocese posted the memo and the addendum on its website so parishioners and others could read them in their entirety. The documents can be found at"

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