Sunday, April 14, 2013

Acts of the Apostles 5:27-32,40b-41 "We Must Obey God Rather Than Men"/Modern Version/Women Priests and Married Priests

"When the head cardinal and the entire assembly of the Vatican Curia had brought together the women and married priests and made them stand before the Vatican assembly, the head cardinal questioned them saying: “We gave you strict orders, did we not , to stop raising the consciousness of the laity.  Yet you have filled the entire church with your teaching.  You claim the yeast of the Holy Spirit is acting like leaven among the People of God—calling all the baptized to be prophets, leaders in our communities and ministers in the universal priesthood.”  Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan and her apostles said in reply. “We must obey God and the Holy Spirit rather than men.

Then the Vatican Curia ordered the women and married priests to stop speaking in the name of Sophia and then dismissed them.  So the women and married priests left the presence of the Vatican Curia, rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of justice."
(Anonymous Member of Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community)

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