Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Celebrates 4th Sunday of Advent with Married Priest/ Co-Presiders Lee and Carol Ann Breyer, reclaiming the church's 1200 year earliest tradition

Lee and Carol Ann Breyer, married priest couple, co-presided at 4th Sunday of Advent

Lee and Carol Ann Breyer
Sally Brochu
Mindy Lou Simmons, music minister
from left to right, Don, Lee, Carol Ann, Bridget Mary
Bob and Pat MacMillian- Presentation of the Gifts
Janet Blakeley, coordinator of Christmas dinner.

In this liturgy the community celebrated the O antiphons, an ancient rite that expresses our living in anticipation of Christ's coming.  We prayed each O Antiphon including:
"O Wisdom, flowing from the mouth of the Most High, reach far and wide, distinguishing things sweetly and mightily. Come teach us the way of prudence."
Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community is reclaiming the ancient tradition of married priests and women priests which was the church's practice for approximately 1200 years! We are blessed with co-presiders from the community in liturgical leadership, which was an early church tradition. See Romans 16
 For many Catholics, it is about time! Bridget Mary Meehan, arcwp,,

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