Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pope Does Not Know Where Idea of Women Cardinals Came From/ Full equality of women is the will of God that Church Must Address


The real issue here that Pope Francis must address is the full equality of women in the Catholic Church which includes ordination in an inclusive, egalitarian community where all are called to live the fullness of their baptism. Women are spiritual equals and therefore excluding them from ordination is a violation of fundamental human rights. Sexism is always wrong. Right now, women are excluded from the top jobs in the church because governance is connected to Holy Orders by Canon Law. Roman Catholic Women Priests are a renewed priestly ministry that is rooted in Jesus' vision of Gospel equality. I agree with Pope Francis that clericalism is not what priestly ministry is about, rather it is about service and liturgical leadership in a church where all are welcome to receive sacraments including the divorced and remarried and others on the margins of church and society. That is where Jesus stood, that is where women priests stand today- on the margins with Jesus welcoming all into God's loving embrace, not just the rule-keepers in the Catholic Church. We are bringing a "holy shakeup" in the church today that is welcome news to millions! Bridget Mary Meehan, www.arcwp.org

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