Sunday, March 30, 2014

Accusation Against Archbishops of Dublin

DUBLIN, IRELAND - "The following is an exclusive interview with the first victim to ever go public with an accusation against Archbishop John Charles McQuaid and current Archbishop in Dublin Diarmuid Martin. As you will hear, Owen Felix O'Neill is bringing a historic lawsuit before these two Catholic officials and he states that "he will not be stopped". Tune in to Owen's testimony as he makes accusations of rape that took place in Ireland, in a catholic hostel known as the "BOYS CLUB", owned and run by the most influential man in Ireland at that time, Archbishop John Charles McQuaid. A place that Owen refers to as what was known as a "whore house". In his sworn statement to his lawyers and in this interview, Owen discloses how John Charles McQuaid would provide him with whiskey to rape him, and how McQuaid was "like the pope in Ireland". Furthermore, in his testimony, Own describes how the now-archbishop Diarmuid Martin was "a young priest back then and used to come to this Boys Club" and that Owen tried to tell him about the rape, but Martin "slapped him and walked away". In other words, he reported to McQuaid as a way to get help, but he got punished for speaking out. Owen says that Martin "did not intervene, called him a liar, and he didn't want to know, and he walked away". In this first interview of its kind, Owen Felix O'Neill details how he attempted suicide twice for this, that "Archbishop McQuaid raped him in his own house" and that he is being bribed to be quiet, but that he refuses to be quiet about this any longer as it is time to speak out, and for this reason the case is being brought before the courts in Ireland:"

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