Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Roman Catholic Woman Priest Suzanne Thiel Greets Cardinal Oscar Rodriquez Maradiaga at Los Angeles Religious Education Conference

(March 13-16 at Anahiem Convention Center) 

Roman Catholic Woman Priest Suzanne Thiel greets Cardinal  Oscar Rodriguez Maradiago, head  of Pope Francis' kitchen cabinet of influential advisors. Suzanne gave Cardinal Rodriquez Maradiaga a copy of "Pink Smoke Over the Vatican", a documentary film with Spanish subtitles about the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement, a slideshow of Roman Catholic Women Priests,  links to television coverage of Olga Lucia on Colombian Television and other materials about our women priest movement. 

Suzanne Thiel Reports:

"I was able to give Cardinal Maradiaga (with women priests, Juanita Cordero 
and Jen O'Malley)the gift of Pink Smoke with Spanish subtitles, our DVD of Walk Humbly with God and several bookmarks featuring womens ministries and a prayer card for priest vocations.  I asked him to please review these materials and give them to Pope Francis. 
I also indicated that we would like to carry on this dialogue and asked how we could meet with him to continue our discussion regarding the Roman Catholic Women Priests movement to tell our stories of the women's ministries and their worshiping communities that already exist around the world.  The cardinal seemed quite friendly towards us and even gave us a blessing. Could This Be The Beginning of a Continued Dialogue?  A Break-Through?"

Let us pray that a new day of dialogue will begin and that the Vatican will reverse its punishments , including excommunication, against Roman Catholic Women Priests and our supporters.  Bridget Mary Meehan

Who is Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiago:

PARIS (Reuters) - "An influential aide to Pope Francis criticized the Vatican's doctrinal watchdog on Monday and urged the conservative prelate to be more flexible about reforms being discussed in the Roman Catholic Church.
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, the head of a "kitchen cabinet" the pope created to draw up reform proposals, said that Archbishop Gerhard Mueller - who has opposed any loosening of Church rules on divorce - was a classic German theology professor who thought too much in rigid black-and-white terms.
"The world isn't like that, my brother," Rodriguez said in a German newspaper interview, rhetorically addressing Mueller in a rare public criticism among senior Church figures.
"You should be a bit flexible when you hear other voices, so you don't just listen and say, 'here is the wall'," Rodriguez said in an interview with the daily Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger."

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