Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Opposition to Pope Francis Mounts Within Roman Curia" by Michael Sean Winters,The Tablet/Pope Francis Proposes "Just Attention Toward Women"

 "Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, whom Pope Francis has tasked with overseeing reforms of the Church and the Vatican, warned that curial opposition to Pope Francis’ efforts to create a “new way of being church” is mounting.Cardinal Rodriguez was addressing a meeting of Franciscan provincials on 8 April in St Petersburg, Florida, and a copy of his remarks was obtained by the US-based National Catholic Reporter.“We have to be prepared, since this beautiful but strange popularity is beginning to strengthen adherences, but equally to awaken opposition not only in the old Curia, but in some who are sorry to lose privileges in treatment and in comforts,” the cardinal said. “Expressions like ‘What can it be that this little Argentine pretends?’ or the expression of a well-known cardinal who let slip the phrase, ‘We made a mistake,’ can be heard,” Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga said.The Honduran archbishop, who chairs the Council of Cardinals (C8) that advises the Pope, said Francis “feels called to construct” a Church that is, among other things: “At the service of this world by being faithful to Christ and his Gospel; free from all mundane spirituality; free from the risk of being concerned about itself, of becoming middle-class, of closing in on self, of being a clerical Church; able to offer itself as an open space in which all can meet and recognise each other because there is space for dialogue, diversity and welcome in it.” Francis also wants a Church that pays “just attention and gives importance to women in both society and its own institutions”, the cardinal said.The C8 is set to have its fourth, three-day, meeting early next week."
Bridget Mary's Response:
 Amen to Pope Francis' decision to raise the issue of justice to women in church and society!
An invitation to dialogue, openness and diversity is a breath of fresh air.
Pope Francis is dealing with the reform of clericalism which is essential to the well-being and renewal of the church in our world today. This is a positive step forward!  No matter what how opposed the Roman Curia is, the full equality of women in the church and society is an issue of human rights, justice and equality.  As Martin Luther King reminds us "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
The international Roman Catholic Women Priests initiative is beginning a healing process of centuries-old deep misogyny in which spiritual power was invested exclusively in men. Women priests are visible reminders that women are equal images of God. I pray that Pope Francis leads the institutional church on a path toward justice for women in an inclusive church that affirms the baptized as a community of spiritual equals. This would be a welcome change for millions of Catholics worldwide! 
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

"Francis also wants a Church that pays “just attention and gives importance to women in both society and its own institutions”, the cardinal said."



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