Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dr. Jenai Leads Workshop on Pathways of the Heart: Transformational Journeying at St. Andrew UCC, Sarasota, Florida

Participants gather for workshop sponsored by Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community and St. Andrew UCC

Bridget Mary Meehan introduces Dr. Jenai

Dr. Jenai presents a workshop integrating transpersonal psychology and spirituality that led to an interesting discussion among the participants.

In this workshop Dr. Jenai spoke about developing ways to trust our inner wisdom and essence as healer and guide through the four pathways: the way  of blessing, the way of letting go, the way of creativity, and the way of transformation.
She led us in meditation techniques to celebrate the mystic within.
Dr. Jenai concluded with the following insight:
"As your journey unfolds, embrace the Great Mystery by honoring your heart's path, your sacred calling, the song of your soul."

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