Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Roman Catholic Women Priests Say they Are Defying the Church to Answer a Call from God

..."It’s a sexist law created by some humans and the call of God trumps that,” Jennifer O’Malley said. O’Malley, a self-proclaimed Catholic priest, holds prayer in a tiny Episcopalian Chapel in Long Beach. “It’s important that everyone participates in the liturgy and everyone has a role,” she said about her small gatherings where everyone sits in a circle...According to Gary Macy, a renowned author on the subject, women were ordained up until the 12th century, but only as leaders in the community.“What you got was a job within the community, and any job you got went through an ordination ceremony,” she said.The definition of ordination changed in the 13th century when the Church made it official barring women from receiving the holy sacrament, according to Macy..."

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