Thursday, June 26, 2014

"What is Conscious Evolution All About?" by Diarmuid O'Murchu

..."It requires a quality of spiritual focus, largely unknown to mainline religions, and therefore, a resource we must also co-create at this time. Barbara Marx Hubbard expresses it well in these words:
“Conscious Evolution is a new worldview that is now emerging rapidly and garnering worldwide interest and support. It acknowledges that humankind has attained unprecedented powers to affect, control and change the evolution of life on Earth. . . Conscious Evolution is at the core a spiritually motivated endeavor. Its precepts reside at the heart of every great faith, affirming that humans have the potential of being co- creators with Spirit, with the deeper patterns of nature and universal design.”
Humankind is now in the process of shifting our normal state of awareness from an individual/ego point of view to a global/spiritual point of view, and our basic choice is to cooperate with that process and help it along. We must let go of all the patriarchal domination, still so endemic to our politics and religions. Empowered by the wisdom of the great mystics, we must learn to submit to where the Great Spirit leads, and make the many adjustments evolution is asking of us at this time. From here on we are called to be a participatory and discerning species, not a dominating and controlling one.
As we shift away from the old, self-destructive patterns of competing for energy and towards a higher spiritual potential, we evolve collectively towards a culture that is oriented to co-creative growth and less focused on outer technologies, as a means for survival. By being in harmony with the universal flow, we begin to “vibrate” at a frequency that brings us into unifying alignment with the Source and also with one another. In that way we move towards the new freedom, the deepest aspiration of all the great religions, and central truth of the great mystical traditions known to humankind."
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