Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sisters for Christian Community: A Prophetic Ecclesial Community "Living a New Pattern of the Consecrated Life"

Bridget Mary Meehan is a Sister for Christian Community
and bishop serving the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests
I am a Sister for Christian Community. I would like to share with you the SFCC Profile and a link to an excellent article about my religious community.

Sisters For Christian Community Welcome You!

The Sisters For Christian Community are contemporary women bonded together to manifest their commitment to Christ in a distince response to Religious Life, as a prophetic, collegial, ecclesial community. The Community: was formed in 1970 in response to Vatican II's call to return on every level to a participatory and mutual bond of organization; is an international community with a committed membership in all the continents of the world. 

The Community reflects the journey of women called to be co-foundresses, co-equals and co-responsible for all aspects of this prophetic response to Religious Life which is ecumenical, with a self-supporting membership. 

SFCC is organized into geographical regions, each with a Regional Communication Coordinator (RCC) who is selected from among the regional membership. The Region aims at fostering community through regional meetings and open communication among the membership. The Region sends reports about its activities to the community newsletter. 

An annual assembly is convened at a different location with the purpose of fostering communication and community among the full membership of SFCC. The addresses all community business and proposals that have been raised via the community newsletter during the previous year. All community business is conducted using consensus as the decision making process. 

The mission and the goals of the Sisters For Christian Community are clearly stated in the SFCC Profile. The apostolic goal of SFCC is to promote and witness Christian community; and, the Sisters strive through all means available to forward the realization of Christ's prayer, "that all may be ONE", that they may be community. To achieve this goal they seek to bring together into a Community Christ-commited women afire with the mission of building up the Body of Christ through helping to build dynamic Christian Community wherever they live out there calling. 
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

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