Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Celtic Spiritual Companion on the Journey to Equality: St. Brigit of Kildare-Stained Glass Windows, Holy Wells, Fire Temple, Monastic Sites in Ireland

Archbishop Mel ordained Brigit a bishop according to The Irish life of Brigit.
She presided over a double monastery of women and men with Bishop Conleth. 

Stained glass window in St. Brigit's Cathedral 

  Sheela-na-gig, a fertility figure hidden under the tomb by the door at St. Brigit's Cathedral in Kildare, is associated with the ancient goddesses and represents fertility. 
This image appears above the doorway of early Celtic monasteries like St. Gobnait's in Ballyvourney as a reminder of abundance and blessing of holy women as images of the Divine Feminine.
St. Brigit 's Cathedral is built on the site of Saint Brigit's fifth century foundation. Some scholars believe that Brigit's monastery was originally the site of druidic priestesses who converted to Christianity. Still in existence are the foundations of the fire building where Brigit's sisters tended "Brigit's fire" a perpetual flame kept burning by Brigit and her nuns from the sixth century until the destruction of the monasteries in the sixteenth century.
 Our Mystical Ireland pilgrimage visited St. Brigit's well in Kildare. Photo by Darlene Spurlock

Our entire group prayed around St. Brigit's well. Here is a photo of Bridget Mary praying at St. Brigit's well in Kildare/photo by Darlene Spurlock

Bridget Mary and cousin Ger and Noreen Davy visit Round tower at St. Brigit's Monastic Site in Kildare
Ger is in photo taken by Noreen.

Ireland, ancient altar at Cashel, St. Brigit is on far left standing next to apostles 
At Rock of Cashel, St. Brigit is depicted standing next to apostles around the altar

 Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Rathdowney, County Laois.
St. Brigit is depicted with pastoral staff and the cross that she wove.
St. Brigit, (also spelled Brigid or Bridget) presided over a double monastery of women and men in Kildare in 5th century Ireland.

Bishop Conleth co-presided with St. Brigit at Kildare Double Monastery

Mary Theresa Streck, ARCWP, blesses her sister Joan at St. Brigit's well in Faughert, birthplace of St. Brigit on Irish Mystical Journey in September.
St. Brigit's Shrine at Faughart, County Louth, Ireland
St. Brigit Well Liscannor, Ireland
St. Brigit's Holy Well, Liscannor, near Cliffs of Moher. People leave behind cards, photos, medals, cloths, etc. as offerings of love and devotion at holy wells in Ireland.
For more information, read, Praying with Celtic Holy Women by Bridget Mary Meehan and Regina Madonna Oliver available on


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Love it, Bridget. I am certain that you embody the same spirit of your namesake and that of Jesus.

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I am certain that you are sharing with all the message of hope and God's great love for all of humanity.