Monday, September 29, 2014

Homily Starter fro MMOJ Community: Are we all in? God’s Mercy Sept. 27th by Katy Zatsick, ARCWP

left to right, Maureen McGill, ARCWP and Katy Zatsick, ARCWP at MMOJ Liturgy

Today we would like to reflect on the Common Good of saving all life on planet earth.  The Common Good is that which is “shared and beneficial for all” Are we working in God’s kindom to save the earth?  Do we do a little or are we all in?

I was around and I am sure you were too for the passage of the Clean Air and Water act, for the creation of the EPA and other legislation. Immediately corporations and their allies in Congress began to undermine any legislation passed to protect the environment.

It is important that for us we realize that Jesus is speaking to the power brokers in his world, Jewish decision makers-Elders and chief priests.  Through the story Jesus condemns their behavior of “we will do what you ask” and ignoring God’s request for an action response.  Are we speaking our truth to save the earth and all living to the powers of our time?

Our Gospel tells us about two children-you and I
One refuses to work in the vine yard after saying she will.
One says “no” but he thinks better of it and goes to work.

Jesus is calling us to work for the Common Good of all in the kindom of God.
Jesus is calling us to work fully to bring about change in the powers that make decisions.

Preparing for the homily today two items caught my eye.
  1. 400,000 persons, young and old, all backgrounds marched in NYC before the UN meets on world Climate change policy this week. Terry, Lee, Don and I attended a solidarity with NYC march in Sarasota
  2. The foundation headed by the Rockefeller family is divesting itself of fossil fuel and coal stocks. 
3 Other investment entities are also divesting themselves of coal/fossil fuel stocks. As institutions and individuals divested in the South African economy to end Apartheid in the 1980’s, we see a beginning now of disinvestment in planet destroying fossil and coal as fuels.
God is found in the world through our actions.
From Paul’s letter to the  Philippians   “If our life in Christ means anything to you—if love, or the Spirit that we have in common, or any tenderness and sympathy can persuade you at all—than be united in our convictions and united in your love, with a common purpose and a common mind.”

I argue our common purpose in 2014 is to take action to save the planet, our only home.  If we are pro-life we must do this.      
As Jim Wallace from Sojourners tells us; All are being harmed by our inaction on climate change:  "Jesus also instructs us to be peacemakers, who take on the causes of terrorism and war — not only ‘peace lovers,’ who just hope their government comes up with an effective military strategy. Let’s tell the truth: we won’t see the end of threats like ISIS until we repent of our addiction to the fossil fuel economy with its legion of injustices and its sins against God’s earth and God’s children through climate change.
Our repentance and conversion must become very practical. It’s also time for the faith community to preach the promise of hope that could sustain the long and hard struggle that will help the world make the transition from dirty and dangerous to clean and renewable energy.
To be honest, the evidence for our making that crucial transition, and in time before too much irreparable damage to the planet is done, isn’t good. But as I often say, hope means believing in spite of the evidence, then watching the evidence change.”
We say we are the body and blood of Christ.  We are saying we are God’s mercy in our time and place.

What can we do as individuals and as a faith community and as members of larger communities to be all in as Jesus asks us to work in the vineyard to save our planet?

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