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Irish Mystical Pilgrimage in Quest of the Celtic Soul with Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP Enjoy the Photos

Ten enthusiastic pilgrims from different parts of the U.S. including one of our women priests, Morag, from Scotland  arrived in Dublin on Sept. 4th. Even through we were tired , we did not stop on day one until 10 PM. I did not sleep on the plane, but felt exhilarated to share this sacred journey with kindred spirits!
 Sean, our wonderful bus driver met us in Dublin airport. He is a traditional Irish story-teller. (lots of great stories and jokes)  He forgot his hearing aid, but that did not stop him from going full steam ahead!

First we  went to Slane where St. Patrick lit the Easter fire.  We ate a tasty lunch in an  Inn there before proceeding to Monsterboice,  Newgrange and Tara 

Even when we lost our way to Tara , we  loved every minute of our trip exploring the highways and byways. We had a few lovely surprises off the beaten path. What a sight it was to see the sheep and cows in the lush green fields! .
Bridget Mary with Sean, our bus driver from County Louth
We ate lunch in Slane. I really enjoyed the freshly baked brown bread. Yum!

Kathryn Shea ARCWP Candidate from Florida at Slane

Slane where St Patrick lit Easter Fire that according to Celtic lore converted the High King
and spread Christianity in Ireland

Slane Monastic Site

Slane Monastic Site
St. Patrick

Slane Monastic Ruins
Monasterboice, County Louth,Ireland,  below, dates back to the 6th century.
 It was founded by St. Buite who is reputed to have worked many cures
and have come into contact with St. Patrick.
After his death in 521 his monks continued his work and the 9th century and 10th
 centuries Monasterboice was an important ecclesiastical foundation renowned as a
centre of learning.
(Information from Heritage Pamplet)


Round Tower, Monasterboice

Muireadach's Cross, Monsterboice

Joan, outside cottage at Monstervoice

Newgrange, Ancient tomb site

LaVonne contemplating Tara

We made it to the top of Tara, home of the High King of Ireland
and ancient burial site

Aerial View of Tara

St. Brigit's Shrine at Faughart, County Louth

St. Brigit was born in Faughart. Notice the  crozier, a sign of her episcopal authority is pointing away from her, which indicated that her jurisdiction went beyond her monastery to cover a broader jurisdiction.

We prayed morning prayer at St. Brigit's Shrine on Sept. 5th

St, Brigit's well and holy stream. Joan and Kathryn share a blessing

Joan blesses Mary Theresa at St. Brigit's holy well at Faughart

Healing Stream had photos, coins, cloths left on was near sacred healing rocks

Darlene kneels in rock where pilgrims pray for healing of the knees.

Bus for our little band of 10 pilgrims. Up the highways and byways, we happily travelled.

We played  CDs with Irish music that featured my dear Dad, Jack Meehan.

Downpatrick : St. Patrick's Cathedral
St. Patrick Cathedral, Downpatrick

St Patrick Cathedral, Downpatrick

St. Patrick Cathedral, Downpatrick

Site where it is believed that St Patrick is buried at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Downpatrick

St, Patrick Cathedral, Downpatrick, Ireland

The St. Patrick Centre in Downpartrick

Bridget  Mary Meehan

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