Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sonica Sanctus for Women and Liturgy Celebrating Creation in Abundance

Sonica Sanctus with Eve Ward de Roo:  Friday, Nov 14  1 - 3:30 PM  ($20 upon arrival)

Sonica Sanctus for Women is a sound healing circle of vibrational nurturing based on mindful listening, soulful sounding, ritual drumming, improvisational playing and musical journeying.  Evelyn Ward de Roo will engage us in sounding for personal well-being.
The Sonica process is fertile ground to explore, to get unstuck, or to simply be blessed. It offers a safe, sacred space for promoting sound mind and body, as well as for mediating community building and creative play. Come, enter sound and energy as a way to connect to your true feminine essence.
You will be invited into group humming/sounding/chanting. This helps us to get out of the ‘monkey mind’ and into the present embodied experience. Under Ev’s ‘artistic direction’ we will then create individual sound rituals, or ‘soundscapes’, for healing and blessing. Everyone participates on some level; striking a bell, playing a drum, shaking a shaker, humming, offering their energy. The instruments are easy to use, some rhythmic and some ambient. You do not need musical training in order to participate. 
Liturgy Celebrating Creation in Abundance with Michele Birch-Conery, Priest ARCWP and Barbara Billey, Deacon ARCWP: Friday, Nov 14  4-5:30 pm  (free will donation accepted)
In this season of harvest, creation is filled with extravagant abundance seen in blazing colors, in crisp air and rising winds, and in golden fields under clear, blue skies. We gather to celebrate our God's active presence in creation, to give thanks for the many gifts given to us, and to receive sustenance in being harvest for others.
You are welcome to attend one or both events.
1978 Katella Ave, Windsor, Ontario (street parking)
Register by email or by phone (519) 735-3943 before Nov 10th.
For information about Sonica Sanctus by Evelyn Ward de Roo see
Barbara J. Billey, M.Ed., M.A. (Counselling), D.Min. (in progress)
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Registered Canadian Art Therapist

(519) 735-3943

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