Saturday, November 15, 2014

Doctor Eleonora V. Marinaro, ARCWP, "Dreams, Spirituality and Jung"

From Left to right: Marilyn Jenai, Katy Zatsick, Bridget Mary Meehan, , Dr. Elly Marinaro
Sherry Robertson
Dr.. Elly Marinaro, a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, Pastoral Counselor, Jungian Psycholtherapist, Spiritual Director,
educator and author gave a two day workshop to Jung Society in Sarasota on Nov. 14th-15th
at Unitarian Universalist Church.

Dr. Elly Marinaro gave a two hour overview of the relationship between spirituality and Jungian pyschology.
She compared the stages of mysticism with Jung's process of individualtion.
She pointed out the common ground of psychotherapy and spiritual direction as soul making and saint making.
In the Saturday workshop she did work on dreams with the groups who attended the workshop.
Dr. Elly, who specializes in working with individual s and groups on  dream analysis,
shared 8 types of dreams:

1. compensatory
2. reactive
3. reductive
4. prospective
5. somatic
7. archetypal
8. prophetic

The title of her book is The Life of the Spirit in the Convergent Points of Dreams, Spirituality and Psychology.
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