Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family

Maureen McGill and Michael Rigdon were co-presiders for our liturgy. Maureen provided the homily starter telling a story about a recent family illness. She shared that her daughter  provided a nurturing, compassionate and professional response that deeply blessed her and her husband. Michael provided the liturgy for Holy Family. 
In our dialogue homily, we noted that only 20 percent of families would fit the definition of a traditional family consisting of a mother, father, and child/children.   We named different types of families who are the norm today. Several members of our  community shared poignant and humorous stories about their nuclear families. One of our take home messages was that a "holy family" consists of two or more people who care for one another. So, we can be a "holy family" when we love and serve others in today's world. We affirmed that MMOJ Inclusive Catholic Community is an example of a "holy family." After liturgy some of our MMOJ family in photo below shared a meal. 

MMOJ Community: bottom row left to right
Pat, Bridget Mary, Silvia, Mary Al, Marie, Mary, Bob
Back row;
Bob, Kevin and Don

Final Blessing:
May God's Light encircle you
May God's love enfold you
May God's Peace encourage you
May God's Presence enrich you
At Christmas and always. Amen

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