Friday, February 13, 2015

Sharing God's Extravagant Love: Michael Kelly Sings Song of Praise for Deliverance from Drugs, Sarasota, Fl.

On Tuesday, Feb. 10th, Bob Ferkenhoff ,( green hat in photo), Sally Brochu,( in blue) and I met at McDonald's for a  planning meeting for the Compassion Ministry at Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Community. 
Left to right, Brian, Bridget Mary, Sally and Michael

On the way in to the restaurant, before Bob and Sally arrived,  I met a homeless man who introduced himself as Michael Kelly, (with guitar).  I  asked if he'd like lunch. He smiled, said yes, and told me that he would like to sing one of his original songs for me.

In the line at McDonald's, Michael shared that Jesus was his boss (check out his hat) and that he had been off drugs for a number of years.  I told him that I was meeting  friends  who would also like to hear his song. Then, Bob and Sally arrived and we started to plan for a funeral ministry to reach out to members of Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community.
After Michael had finished his  lunch,  we gathered outside and Michael sang the song in the video that he wrote  as a prayer of thanksgiving for God's grace in delivering him from the bondage of heroin. 

Before we went outside we noticed that Michael was sharing his lunch with a friend. Outside we  met his friend, Brian, who had recently lost his grandmother. He shared his sadness that he was not able to be at her funeral. 

Michael Kelly and Bob Ferkenhoff

Enjoy Michael Kelly's song of praise and be blessed!  We certainly were!
Everyday, we have opportunities to share God's extravagant love for and with each other. 

  Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,,

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