Monday, February 23, 2015

Sister Joan Chittister - The Divine Feminine: The Foundation of the Abrahamic World

Two frames for this lecture: (1) our pictures of God and (2) the influence they have on our lives: national, cultural, international, personal. How have we come to see and accept the natural denigration of women as the will of God? What is this saying to us so called “religious” people? The fundamental relationship to all of the women’s questions is the subject of the feminine dimension of God. What we think of the Divine Feminine will determine what we think about everything else in life.

Four questions about the Divine Feminine that need to be dealt with:

1. Why is the concept of the Divine Feminine important? (Can a woman really image God?)

2. Where does all of this talk about a Divine Feminine come from?

3. What are the signs and proofs, if any, of its authentic role in the spiritual life?

4. What does that have to do with us?

Clearly language affects what we see.

The names we give God, the way we see God, determines how we see ourselves

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