Sunday, February 15, 2015

"What Does It Mean To Be Christ-like?" by Kathryn Shea, ARCWP, Homily Sharing at MMOJ Liturgy

Deacon Kathryn Shea, ARCWP
We have the great privilege of living with who I think is the second coming of Jesus, and that is our dear son, Seth, an adult with special needs and special gifts.  When I think about what it means to be Christ-like, I think of Seth.  Last Thursday he came home from his day program very distraught.  When I asked what was wrong, he said "Mom, Ms. Lucas yelled at Michael today and he got very upset and it made my heart sad.  So I went over to Ms. Lucas and said very quietly and respectfully, 'Ms. Lucas, I don't think that is what Jesus do.  I think Jesus would say, "Do you need a hug, Michael?"  So I said, "Buddy, that was very brave and kind of you.  How did Ms. Lucas respond to you?" And Seth said, "She looked at me for a minute, then went to Michael and said, "Michael, do you need a hug?"