Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Take Action Today for Justice: Stop Executions, Advocate for Justice and Mercy

Dear Supporters,
HOPE IS STILL ALIVE - Kelly is still alive!
Very late last night, because of a problem with the lethal injection drug, Kelly's execution was postponed. 
And now, all planned executions in Georgia have been temporarily postponed. [1] This is incredibly important. Brian Terrell was scheduled to be executed in Georgia one week from today.
Wow. You helped make this happen!
The right thing happened today - the question now is if the right thing will happen in the days and weeks to come.
The Department of Corrections has stated that it will resume the execution process once the analysis of drugs is concluded. Kelly, Brian, and others still face execution.
NOW is the time to keep up the pressure. Join us in calling Governor Nathan Deal and Attorney General Sam Olens first thing tomorrow morning when their offices open at 9am. 
Call Governor Nathan Deal at 404-656-1776 to say you support a halt to executions. Ask him to take a stand opposing executions.
Call Attorney General Sam Olens at 404-656-3300 and tell him to stop requesting death warrants.
You can also take action right now on social media.
If you're on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, tweet and post @GovernorDeal and @Georgia_AG using the #KellyOnMyMind hashtag. Ask them to make a statement against Kelly's execution, and all executions.
Both Governor Deal and Attorney General Olens are key participants in this process.
Governor Deal has tried to wiggle out of responsibility in Kelly's case, saying last night under pressure that he does not have the authority to grant a pardon or issue executive clemency. 
But he DOES have the power of influence. He is the chief executive in the state.
He appoints the Board of Pardons and Paroles, who yesterday denied Kelly's request for reconsideration of clemency. [2]
He can stand against this execution on moral grounds.
Governor Deal and Attorney General Olens can work alongside people of faith and moral courage--like all of us--who are demanding a more just, merciful, and accountable system.
Momentum is shifting in our favor and it's time to keep up the pressure. Demand a response from Governor Deal and Attorney General Olens.
Over the past 72 hours, we have been able to take a stand for Kelly's humanity. We now must take a stand for all those whose lives hang in the balance.
This movement has grown like wildfire, and we are astounded by what it has become. Continue to stand with us as we show the world the "power of relentless solidarity."[3]
In hope,
Rev. Kimberly S. Jackson, Letitia M. Campbell, and Jeania Ree V. Moore
P.S. If anyone you know has not seen the video about Kelly, please share it with them:

[1] "Press Release: Court Ordered Executions Postponed - Kelly Renee Gissendaner and Brian Keith Terrell." March 3, 2015.
[2] "Parole Board Votes to Let Gissendaner Decision Stand." March 2, 2015.
[3] Walter Brueggemann. Spirituality of the Psalms. Fortress Press, 2001. xiii.

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