Friday, March 13, 2015

Welcoming Transformation: An Invitation to Spring: by Sibyl Dana Reynolds

Dear Friends,

Are you feeling the shift in the air as winter becomes spring? I have been contemplating this threshold time betwixt the seasons. The earth is awakening from its cold long sleep to herald spring's offerings... fertility, rebirth, and resurrection.

We're nearing the time of year when bees bless their hives and the honeycomb sweetens. Spring also promises the emergence of brightly colored butterflies from their little paper-like chrysalises.

A seldom used word comes to mind...cremaster. A cremaster is the place or fastening that holds the caterpillar within the cocoon. It's the point where cocoon-making begins. The cremaster is the anchor for the miracle of transformation.

How and where will you anchor yourself this spring to encourage transformation for your life? Where is your cremaster? Are you feeling called to cocoon? Do you dream of entering the chrysalis to experience a rebirth for your creative heart and spirit?

My cremaster is my writing room, my scriptorium. I will spend the spring and early summer cloistered in my cocoon at my desk to complete my next book, The Way of Belle Coeur, a contemporary Vade Mecum (guidebook) for women.

My intention for writing a guidebook to accompany my novel,

Ink and Honey, is to provide an inspirational cremaster for the feminine spiritual and creative journey. The Way of Belle Coeur

will offer an anchoring place containing spiritual practices, prayers, and sacred wisdom. All this will be explored in depth at

The Way of Belle Coeur Autumn Retreat and Spiritual/Creative Formation Program.

The March winds rattle the windows and the cocoon holds fast to its cremaster. Safe within the chrysalis something numinous is happening. The Mystery of life unfolds and transformation is at work!

With love and anticipation,


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The Way of Belle Coeur: Sacred Practices, Prayers, and Sisterhood

An autumn retreat and

spiritual/creative formation program

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Free 3-day e-mail Sacred Practices for Women Who Write

Creative Mentoring for Personalized Focus and Guidance for Your Creative Visions and Projects

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Inspired by the award-winning novel,

Ink and Honey

"Sibyl Dana Reynolds offers us a lush and generous gift of storytelling and immersion in the medieval culture of women monks and mystics. Her novel is filled with sensual details that make her writing and the time period come alive, while her story is compelling, drawing the reader always forward. You grow to care deeply about these characters and come to recognize something of yourself in their journeys and longings."

Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, author of The Artist's Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Spirit with Monastic Wisdom

Ink and Honey

is the story of a sacred journey through the medieval French countryside with the sisters of Belle Cœur, a community of radically independent healers, visionaries, mystics and artisans who live by their wits and their prayers. Goscelin, the dedicated scribe, records her sisterhood's stories, visions and prophecies in her community's journal while surrounded by holy madness, suspicion and the imminent threat of death at the stake. The sisters guard a life-threatening secret as they navigate spiritual terrain where faith and creative passion forge the way to labyrinths and cathedrals, hidden rooms and honey drenched hives. This book is alive with women's ancient wisdom and spiritual practices to inform our lives today.

Click here to purchase Ink and Honey in paperback.

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Sibyl Dana Reynolds, Author

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