Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Women speak up about equality in the church from the heart of the Vatican" by Sister Christine Schenk/Women Priests, Not Invited, Women's Ordination Off the Table!
"OK, I'm gobsmacked, as the Brits say ("gobsmacked": adjectiveBritish, informal: utterly astonished; astounded). I spent four hours on International Women's Day watching a Voices of Faith event "from the heart of the Vatican" in which women shared stories "for a creative exchange of ideas from a female perspective." There were some amazing narratives."

Bridget Mary's Response:
Yes, I agree, with Sister Christine Schenk! This Vatican meeting was a surprise and a welcome step forward. The Irish often use the word "gobsmacked!  It was a pleasant astonishing surprise to see women talking about equality at the Vatican !
However, until women priests are a reality affirmed by the Vatican officially, gender equality and justice will not be a reality in the Catholic Church. Sexism is a sin. Until women take their rightful place at the altar, women will not be treated as equals in the Roman Catholic Church. Women priests are the elephant in the church's living room! Avoiding the subject is not going to make it go away. The good old boys club needs to be transformed with the experiences and spirituality of women priests!  Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

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