Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thoughts regarding a renewed Roman Catholic Church… Sibyl Dana Reynolds

(Originally written April 2008, and edited May 2016)

We are called by God to bring forth our spiritual and creative gifts to inspire a spiritual and creative renaissance within the Roman Catholic Church. We are re-imagining the Church from its earliest beginning, deep in the taproot of the teachings of Jesus.

We choose to follow the template of inclusivity and table community that Christ modeled. Everyone is welcome, including those on the margins of society, and those who have been excluded by the Church because of divorce, abortion, and sexual orientation. 

We draw our inspiration from the First Century communities that formed to celebrate and keep alive the Way of Jesus. These were the men and women whose hearts and minds were infused with his teachings. It was a sacred time when women were deacons, priests, and bishops as archaeological evidence demonstrates.

The vision is to once again return the balance of feminine and masculine; working, creating, praying, and celebrating together. We create communities to support the evolution of “Kingdom” into “Kindom,” as kindred relations within the body of Christ. We are the people of God, the human family with all its glorious diversity and complexity. This is the renewed life-giving Church that encourages hope and welcomes possibility for the times we are living in.






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