Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Peacemaking Posts" by Diane Doughterty, ARCWP

Part of my ministry is in support of efforts to bring about dialogue centered in Peacemaking.  In January-I collaborated with Kira and Lisa in making these posts that will travel throughout the US.  We had a Hispanic community-social justice educators-One Billion Rising participants-a GLBTQ community all making posts....we drew people from schools, universities and justice organizations.  The diversity of focus was incredible.   I brought the one we will leave at the Center for Civil and Human Rights to the Annual Meeting....

Art is a great way to draw folks together who would not ordinarily come to meetings...I highly recommend this activity.  Contact Kira for more information.
This is from Kira's website.....
The Posts for Peace & Justice Workshop, at the International Child Art Festival July 2, 10am to 4pm, encourages collaborative creative imaging of peace and social justice on 8-foot posts, that will travel and show in the USA to inspire others to speak up.
Students trace their hands, add names and paint inspiring words and symbolic images onto posts at the festival. Kira Carrillo Corser teaches the class with Lisa Parsons and ten artists including my facebook friends: Ellen MartinCarla BaldassariJennifer ColbyDiane Dougherty, coming to help! Students, teachers and family members are encouraged to paint and we will record video stories.
Students will also paint small solar lights to take home so they can make posts in their communities. Students and families are invited to a reception on Capitol Hill, at the Corner Store Art Center, at 900 South Carolina Ave, SE in Washington, DC on July 2nd, 7pm to 9pm where they will get refreshments and a photo of themselves with the painted post to take home. Post your photos and see other student's photos on our facebook page:
see more on our website: www.postsforpeaceandjustice.org

from right to left: Kira Carrillo and Diane Dougherty, ARCWP
see where the Posts for Peace and Justice Reception and Exhibiton is located: www.cornerstorearts.org

Diane Dougherty
54 Chelsea Ct
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