Saturday, August 15, 2015

MMOJ Book Club: Katy Zatsick led Discussion on The Unbearable Wholeness of Being by Sister Delio

Members of Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community in Sarasota, Florida spent almost one hour and one-half in a lively discussion of  Chapter 5 "love and suffering" in her ground-breaking book on evolutionary spirituality in  The Unbearable Wholeness of Being by Sister Illia Delio. 
One of our conclusions is that this book presents a deep mystical theology that most Catholics, in the view, of most of our group are not aware of even now.  God in institutional religion has been portrayed as a judging, avenging God. Some of the women in our group said they were told to stay in marriages that were abusive and offer it up. This book liberates God and the human spirit for an encounter with boundless love. 

 " is not what God does, love is who God. Faith is what brings us into the deepest truth that says we are in the image of a unlimited , unrestricted, unimaginable love." p. 84. 

"God is not the prime mover of a static cosmos but the dynamism  of love swelling up in space time through the process of evolution and rise of consciousness. "
p. 74.

"To have faith in a God of unconditional love is to realize how intimately close God is. So close we forget God's presence." p. 84

"The cross reveals to us the heart of God because it reveals the vulnerability of Gods love. " p. 85

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