Monday, January 4, 2016

"Beware" by John Chuchman

Religion will swallow us whole!
It's easy to be swallowed whole and drowned by religion.
It is a kind of a narcotic.

Let’s grow Spiritually
even though being Spiritual is oft counter-religious.

In many ways,
religion gives us the message,
Don't rock the boat.
Don't challenge the system.
That message,
 promoted by the vast majority of Religion’s powerful
 is continually transmitted
through a myriad of ways
to numb us into submission.

Religion encourages us to accept its teachings,
doctrines, dogmas, rites, and rituals
to be quiet,
to leave things the way they are.

But if we are genuine followers
of the Prince of Peace,
the God of life,
we cannot be quiet,
cannot leave evil the way it is.
We must cry out against
 religious abuse, intolerance, and discrimination
because by our silence,
we consent to it.

Filled with a fresh Christmas rebirth of Jesus
within our hearts,
let’s take his loving, peaceful and joyful presence
out into our hurting world this New Year,
and courageously challenge
the entrenched hierarchy.

Let us imagine during 2016 a better world
where ALL God's people,
and ALL of God's creation,
(not just the worthy, the acquiescent, the believers)

are respected, protected and cherished.

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