Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Magnificat by Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

My soul rejoices in the Holy One
And my spirit laughs with the God of Surprises

For You bless my every breath,
And smile through me everyday. 

Holy, holy, holy are you, everywhere and in everything.
Your awe fills the cosmos.

I sing your praises and dance with joy in your loving presence!

When stresses and challenges come my way
Your strength lifts me up. 

You give me courage to confront sexism in my church
and to work for a renewed priesthood in a community of equals.

You help me to see the face of God in those in need.
especially the hungry and homeless in my neighborhood.

Aware of your faithfulness to our ancestors, Sarah and Abraham,  Mary of Magdala and Junia, Brigid and Patrick,

I walk each day with my family and friends in the communion of saints, my spiritual lifeline: 
Jack and Bridie, my dear parents, Aunt Molly, Uncle Fergus, Aunt Evelyn Uncle Paddy, Aunt Molly, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Peg, Uncle Jack, my grandparents, Uncle Paddy, Uncle Tim... Sister Regina, Mary Emma, Frank Keefe, Irene, Adele, Rick and Ford....

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