Monday, February 15, 2016

"Pope Francis Slams Exploitation of Indigenous People in Mexico, Challenges Bishops"

Pope Francis listed the following description of bishops' failures to reflect Christ today:
  • “Proud self-sufficiency”
  • Fearing “transparency” – “the Church does not need darkness to carry out her work”
  • Corruption by “trivial materialism”
  • “The seductive illusion of underhanded agreements”
  • “Gossip or intrigue”
  • “Conceited schemes of careerism”
  • “Empty plans for superiority”
  • “Unproductive groups that seek benefits or common interests”
  • Hiding behind “anodyne denunciations” of social ills without taking action
  • “Sitting on your laurels”
  • “Aloofness and clericalism”
  • “Coldness and indifference”
  • “Triumphalism and self-centeredness”
“We do not need princes,” the pope concluded, “but rather a community of the Lord’s witnesses.”

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