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"Sacred Practices for Nurturing Your Inner Mystic" by Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP, dancing for joy in the presence of God and community after ordination of women priests!

Music: Chant
Be aware that you dwell in infinite love,  here you experience boundless forgiveness, compassionate healing, and liberating empowerment.
So in this meditation practice, sit still, be aware of your breath, if you need a prayer word to center you, select on, such as God, Love, Sophia, Jesus… whatever feels appropriate for your journey at this time. The object is not to think about anything or feel anything, it is simply to be mindful of the present moment where you dwell in the Holy One in love beyond imagining.

2: Praying with Companions on the Journey:
The miraculous power that filled Jesus, the disciples and the saints is available to all who love God. Through this power of the Spirit, Jesus said that we would do greater things then he did. So, all of us are called to experience that spiritual power in our relationships and ministries. Jan Richardson points out that the illumined Celtic Gospel Books with their spiraling, turning, twisting patterns remind us that “a place of mystery exists within the landscape of our faith, that we never really know a terrain until we allow ourselves to get lost in it, and that the complexities and complications of our lives can offer beauty.” Jan L. Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women, pp80-81.)

This exercise, can be done in silence and in small groups of 2 or 3.
 ( Depending on relationship, custom,, culture, if appropriate and comfortable for both persons, you could hold hands or place a hand on a person’s head or shoulder during the prayer session.)
We are instrument of God’s loving presence  \for each other. When praying, let the love in the heart of God for this person flow through you… when receiving, open yourself to receiving the spiritual treasures in this prayerful encounter.

4. Sacred Reading/Lectio Divino
Monastics from the times of the desert mothers and fathers, have used sacred reading to move deeper into meaning of scriptures for daily living.  In sacred reading we contemplate a text to savor its hidden treasures and meaning. Each day, we may hear a different message or encounter the Holy One with fresh eyes, The possibilities of Spirit grace "speaking" to us are endless.   In the midst of savoring sacred texts, we make connections with the stories, words and 
metaphors , we let the words sink deeply into our minds and spirits. 
As we come with receptive hearts and listen deeply, new doors to the sacred unfold that reveal the indwelling presence of divinity in our midst.
 One example, Jesus said: “ I am with you always.”  This biblical verse has filled me with deep joy in times of rejoicing and great comfort in times of struggle.

Sacred Practice 4: The Sacred Text of Our Lives
We are created in the image of God and a sanctuary for God's presence in our world. As Jan Richardson writes: "We can also practice lectio with our lives. Our experiences, our memories, our stories, all that we carry around within us, this is material for pondering, for reflection, for prayer Inscribed with the word of God in our very being, we are ourselves sacred texts." ( Jan Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women, p. 127) When we see ourselves and others as the face of God in our world, we can contemplate the holy presence of divine love, strength, healing, and peace in our every breath, in our every thought, word and deed. A whole new world, beyond anything we could ever imagine opens up to us. In our lives heaven and earth meet- no matter what happens-God is embracing us with abundant love.  Keeping a journal, painting, poetry or any of the creative arts can help us grow in consciousness of our lives as sacred texts. 

When the way is clear, we give thanks .
When the way is painful, we pray for healing and strength.
When we get lost in the complexities and complications of our lives, we pray for wisdom and discernment.
When we experience rejection and confusion, we pray for forgiveness and illumination.
When we face obstacles that challenge us, we pray for solidarity and joy as we accompany one another on the journey. 
May Holy Wisdom accompany us as we minister to one another and celebrating our oneness and diversity as the face of God in our world.

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