Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Book by Elizabeth Johnson - With Discussion Questions

The Strength of Her Witness: Jesus Christ in the Global Voices of Women
By Elizabeth Johnson

The Gospel of John recounts the story of an encounter between Jesus and a Samaritan woman at the well. After their conversation, she goes out to tell her neighbors about the mysterious stranger, and many of them believed "on the strength of her witness." These essays, drawn from around the world, reflect the many ways that women have reflected on and borne witness to the person, teaching, and praxis of Jesus Christ in light of their own varied contexts. These contexts include their struggles for life amidst wrenching poverty, racism, and violence; their experience of being female in male-dominated structures in the church and society; and their commitment to promote justice in view of the human dignity of women, all done in tandem with their faith relationship with the living God.

Elizabeth Johnson’s insightful questions accompany her latest book

Call To Action is excited to partner with renowned theologian Elizabeth Johnson, winner of our leadership award, as she guides us through her new book examining the contribution of female theologians to our relationship with Jesus.  We hope you can use these discussion questions with your local faith sharing communities and read Elizabeth’s new book, The Strength of Her Witness: Jesus Christ in the Global Voices of Women.

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