Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Cosmic Mary "Does Not Appear to People to Bring Heaven to our Hearts, but to Expose Heaven Within Our Hearts" from David Richo "When Mary Becomes Cosmic"


"There is a cosmic Christ; There is a cosmic Mary; there is a cosmic Self in every one of us. Cosmic in this context refers to the bigness of our faith when it includes the entire universe in its embrace.  We move from focusing only our own salvation to a deep caring about all creation.

The sweet images of Mary, without earthiness or passion, depict a broken, restricted and abridged archetype of the divine feminine.  The Madonna most of us grew up with was all about comfort, and she does, indeed, offer that in a nonstop way. But she is also the challenger, the one who calls us to join her in her unceasing battle for justice , to care with active compassion for the downtrodden. She wants to bring us to the smelly, excluded, disenfranchised, marginalized members of our society because that is where she is.

There is the image of Mary from Central America showing her with dark skin under the title Madre de los Desparecidos (Mother of the Disappeared). Mary is representing the mothers of those who were kidnapped and killed. Mary is the archetype of help before, during and after the injustices. Our challenge is to ask for more and more from Mary, Protectress of the Helpless. This allows the archetype of divine feminine to evolve more fully in our consciousness.

Thus, Mary is the champion, the fierce tigress for justice.  This is the opposite  of the unattaninable, remote Madonna in traditional iconography. These images “keep her in her place” rather than acknowledge that her place is everywhere: she is one of us and for the least of us. This Mary does not support a privileged white ego. She is best pictured as the black Madonna, the creatively erotic, earth Mother, who keeps her promise to guide and protect our planet.

We see in Mary the importance of our calling to bring a prophetic vision to the world. We practice reaching this imaginative vision through a combination of contemplation and focus on world problems with an apostolic intent. Prophetic imagination means trusting divine power in history and envisioning more of it in the future.

Less devotion to Mary nowadays is not about more devotion to Jesus: It is about less consciousness of the role of the feminine in the story of our salvation. Paradoxically, one acknowledge the divine feminine, we find Jesus more fully. This is because he represents wholeness; what we mean when we say he is divine. There is a direct connection between who Mary is and what all women are in their full empowerment.

All of our lives we have seen Mary pictured as a beautiful woman. Her beauty is not meant to represent remoteness. It is symbolic of the divine wholeness in all of us… a mirror of what we are called to be whole and wholly devoted to a life of caring love… connected not to timid submissiveness, but to strength. Mary does not appear to people to bring heaven to our hearts, but to expose the heaven within our hearts."
 David Richo, in When Mary Becomes Cosmic,  pp. 3-8
Meditation: Contemplate 
Today be aware of Mary as a spiritual presence who  reveals "heaven within your heart."

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