Friday, August 19, 2016

Heart of Compassion International Faith Community Eucharistic Liturgy, Rochester Hills, MI by Rev. Jennifer Marie (Jeni) Marcus, Priest ARCWP ,August 16, 2016

On Tuesday evening, August 16, 2016 our Heart of Compassion (HOC) International Faith Community concelebrated a Eucharistic Liturgy with 18 members of a local Rochester Hills Intentional Community at one of their members’ lovely homes.  “As We Journey in One Heart of Compassion” was the  liturgy aid that was used, created by ARCWP bishop Michele Birch Conery; priests, Barbara Billey and Jeni Marcus; candidate, Karen Kerrigan, and musican, Joanna Novosedlik.
This joyous celebration was facilitated by Rev. Jeni Marcus with the assistance of a member of the Rochester Intentional Community and candidate Karen Kerrigan. To everyone’s delight, a dialogue homily engaged Mathew’s Gospel on the Beatitudes and the Eucharistic prayers were read by all present. "Beautiful liturgy! Thank you for doing it" said many who gathered. Jeni’s response, "We all did it and thank you for coming!"

Many expressed their hope to repeat the experience, either monthly or quarterly at various venues. The liturgy was followed by conversations and light refreshments.

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