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1 John 1: 1-2 What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have contemplated and what our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life ...
What a treat! It has always seemed to me to hear the stories of elders. What wealth, what wisdom, that give us. Now, they have tried to replace the TV through the Internet, and cell, because, no books, very few people "know" read. Ja.ja.ja .
My older sisters, Arhuacas with their children.
My older sisters, (1) Arhuacas with their children.
My older brothers: the Arhuaco.
       My older brothers: the Arhuaco.
I will share what I learned from my brothers / ancestral as my spiritual masters!Arhuaco, the Coguis (2) and others. In my youth I had the pleasure of living with them, observing and listening. With love, I remember Cornelio Torres, Denise Izquierdo, (QPD) what I learned from them, has been burned into my soul with indelible ink.
Now, his teachings back to memory as the day when I accompanied my sister Kathleen Ryan, to visit her husband Ed, instead embrace and encounter with our Mother Earth = Pachamama. For me, it was very exciting to hear him say that to Ed. He was buried without box or casket, wrapped only in sheets. This detail makes little sense and meaning for me: to return to Mother Earth where we started! I happen to think and ask, why pretend to move the business buildings made as hives, where we live, the lucrative business of renting and selling crypts, vaults of brick and cement that isolate us from the warm embrace of our Mother Earth?
My indigenous brothers, prepare very carefully every detail of the funeral and ceremonial ritual. I am impressed by his great spiritual meaning of resurrection and permanent life. When the missionaries arrived, and they lived it Christianity.What was it you wanted to do? Delete, end, mute style divine identity.
Temple of the Sun (Sogamoso-Boyacá)
Temple of the Sun (Sogamoso-Boyacá)
inside, in the Temple of the Sun (Sogamoso-Boyacá)
inside, in the Temple of the Sun (Sogamoso-Boyacá)

                        Cancurua, ceremonial to the Divine Temple.
Caserio indigenous Kogi
           Indian village of Kogi
At no time, despite the time of the conquest, these brothers / sisters of ours, never lost their connection with the Divine. Note how both temples and at home, he always kept and preserved the circle, symbol of unity and Divinity, constant presence of the Divine Essence in their lives.
The circle, a symbol of unity in Divinity envelops the life of the Community.  Leyva-Boyacá
The circle, symbol of Unity in Divinity envelops the life of the Community. Leyva-Boyacá
The Sun, circular symbol divine fullness of life, fire that embraces and protects us.Every detail of the lives of our indigenous, is intended in the sense of the Divine!Whether to cultivate the land, build a house. Before each action, invoking her Divine presence it is made. One, they look, because suddenly fall silent, and one wonders: What happened? What you will be happening? They retire at a stone's throw ... And do not ask again, because that is the Divine Presence.
Their homes, their lives, their temples, facing the East! Their dead loved ones, seated and bury the watchful eye at every burst of dawn at dawn. They say that every sunrise, is the rebirth of life, in each burst of the day, the dead rise again!Resurrection is announced. It is the turn of the Sun on the Earth. Come back and play the circle, in the sense of life and resurrection!
What is the most important and significant day in their lives? The June 21. That's the longest day of the year. You've perceived and seen? Sun is the star, without it there is no life. That day is present the Summer Solstice. There was great celebration for those day, today is known as the Feast of San Juan ... but all in all the star Sol, no longer the symbol of the Divine Presence.
Many details! Oh God! have you stopped your divine footprints, so you seek, that you find, and not cease to give infinite thanks, because you thought fondly, in each / a of us / you, beating the non-life and celebrate Resurrection and the Life.
And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son ....
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Weaving a backpack, it is to leave the footprints of our thoughts, and the work of our lives.
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Notes: 1) They tell us "lesser" brothers because we are just learning of the Resurrection and the Life.
2) Sorry I do not use the "K" to refer to the Coguis and Cancurua, because this letter, corresponds to the English alphabet.

* Roman Catholic presbyter.

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