Monday, October 10, 2016

Janice Sevre Duszynska ARCWP: Report on Justice and Peace Witness on Mexican Border

1,000+ activists gathered together this weekend from across the U.S., Mexico and the Americas. On Friday evening We drove to to the Eloy Detention Center in Tucson where hundreds of migrants are held for long periods, mistreated, and often deported.
Yesterday, groups marched to both sides of the border wall in Nogales: Arizona and Mexico.
We showed our solidarity with those who have suffered as migrants. In the afternoon Silvia and I met for lunch. Workshops took place on topics including Militarization of the Border, Connections between Border Life in Palestine and Mexico and more. In the evening Silvia and I participated in the Interfaith Liturgy which was well-attended.
This morning we were again at the border for the memorial remembrance of all who have been killed crossing the border, or as martyrs in Salvador, and South American countries. Prayers were said for those who died from violence in the streets as well.A dramatic Puppetista enactment took place of how the capitalist corporations raped the land and people. As the drama continued, we celebrated Mother Earth and all that is Life-Giving. What a blessing to be here!
This afternoon we drove to the Border Patrol Checkpoint (Exit 40 on Hwy. 19) in Tucson .
We stayed here from 2 p.m.-8 pm. taking part in a continued witness as cars slowed down at the Checkpoint. The Border Patrol attempted to intimidate us with dogs and pepper spray and(according to our legal team) . They also threatened us with various charges from a Federal Felony to State charges and a misdemeanor traffic violation. They did not arrest us even during our die in which was truly a Eucharist. You can watch it on the following link. There’s more on You -Tube. Janice

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