Sunday, February 19, 2017

Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP: "Colombian Post Conflict Women Have the Worst Part"

Let's not lie to ourselves.  Between December 16, January and February of this year (2017), and we are only on the 17th day of February, five female leaders have been vilely murdered!  Their deaths have been neither for reasons of "passion" because of jealousy, nor because of family violence, nor because of fights between neighbors or couples, nor because of accident.  Yes, the hands of the murderers have been male, no doubt of that, by the way they were found and assassinated.  Young and mature women, wives, mothers, grandmothers.  Their crime was to be defenders of life, protectors of life, protectors of "the common house."  Women who thought differently, ACTED differently, as to life, human rights and the environment.  They had no trial or sentence.  No one saw or heard anything.  Secrecy and impunity, the stone of corruption covers them, to ignore them and not study what happened.  How LONG will Colombia and her people keep silent?    How long are we going to continue believing that political groups, religious leaders, with their VICES, care about the people?  These are women who are the bearers of life, KEEPERS OF LIFE, OF THE HARMONY OF LIFE, why doesn't anyone care about this situation?  Why are the JAILS filled with women?  NOT ONE MORE WOMAN ASSASSINATED.  NOT ONE WOMAN LESS.  WE WANT THEM ALIVE AND WE NEED THEM to preserve life.  In only three months WE HAVE LOST 5 women leaders...  What are waiting for, a line by the end of the year?  Men and women, you have the word.  Does someone want to say something else, before this scandalous series of femicides?  Do it now, let's not remain silent.  Silence MAKES US complicit!

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